NRHL Inaugural Winter Meetings Concluded

By National Roller Hockey League Staff


Detroit, MI – The National Roller Hockey League concluded its Inaugural Winter Meetings this past weekend. The NRHL initially met with perspective and current owners on February 28, 2019, as scheduled. At the conclusion of the weekend meetings, the NRHL and members choose to extend the work meetings, with a final meeting on Sunday, March 10. “We felt we needed an additional date to present and discuss all the information we have” stated Commissioner Clouston. Clouston continued, “we choose to extend the meetings for an additional day. We are very pleased with the outcomes of the meetings.”


The National Roller Hockey League is pleased to announce it is growing its executive leadership and ownership team, by 3 additional members – Bob Hall, Rob Valicevic, and Trevor Johnson. Mr. Hall and Valicevic are the founders of the Detroit Dragons, the first announced franchise for the NRHL. Bob, Rob & Trevor have contributed with a substantial financial commitment as they join the Clouston and Wiedenhoeft in ownership and operations of the NRHL.


Bob Hall will now be the Vice President of Business Development and will be working closely with NRHL President Matt Wiedenhoeft. Together, Hall and Wiedenhoeft will oversee the NRHL’s franchise operations and conduct the business functions of the NRHL. “I have been working on the Detroit franchise since we announced. Now, I can’t wait to work on the other franchises as well in,” said Bob Hall. President Wiedenhoeft stated, “Bob and I have a common direction for what we want the NRHL to be and how it should operate from the business perspective. We will work together on the franchise business operations and league functions to optimize the growth of the NRHL.”


Rob Valicevic is stepping into the role of Vice President of Corporate Sales. Rob will oversee major corporate league sponsorships. Rob, a former NHLer, has a vast background in sales. He developed and expanded his corporate contact list throughout his playing and professional sales careers. “I have contacts that I’ve discussed corporate sponsorships with for the Dragons. I am going to expand those conversations to the league level,” said Valicevic.


Trevor Johnson joins the National Roller Hockey League ownership group after an extensive hockey career. Trevor is assuming the role of Vice President of Corporate Relations & Expansion. Trevor is a partner in global ventures where he works with high-net worth individuals and large corporate sponsors from around the world. “I am excited to join Matt & Bob in the NRHL. I have been following the NRHL through Matt since its inception and wanted to find a way to get involved,” stated Johnson. Trevor concluded, “It is time for me step in and join them in this venture. I work with corporations like Ford, Bentley, Weather Tech & IHG daily in my other businesses. I’m already working through my contacts to set up corporate sales meetings, as well as get leases finalized for cities we’re going to be playing”. Trevor brings a global network to the NRHL that will assist in the expansion of franchises and build corporate sales relationships.


The expansion of the executive committee was necessary to drive the NRHL in the direction Co-Founders Bob Clouston and Matt Wiedenhoeft envisioned. Wiedenhoeft “As in any venture, there have been minor and major setbacks. Bob and I feel that with bringing everyone together to work on a common goal, will only strengthen the trajectory the NRHL is destined for” Hall, Valicevic and Johnson are fresh and already taking on tasks in their new roles. “It’s great to have fresh thinkers on board with Matt & I. It’s been a grind for us and having these great individuals on board as partners is only going to increase the success of the NRHL,” stated Clouston.


The NRHL will be announcing names, logos and more for St. Louis, MO and Muskegon, MI in the coming weeks. The NRHL is finalizing a lease for its fourth franchise, while Bob Clouston and Trevor Johnson are continuing discussions with additional interested parties. The NRHL will make further franchise announcements as they come available.


The National Roller Hockey League ownership executive board will be meeting in Muskegon, MI on March 23, 2019. The meeting is to continue to push the league forward, as well as, introduce the newest members, Bob Hall and Rob Valicevic, to the Muskegon community.


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